Printing with the popup confirmation window

New software to manage printing costs has been installed on the network. To allow effective printing please make sure you understand the following points:

Popup Confirmation Dialog

After sending a print job a popup dialog will appear and ask you to confirm the details. Click Print to confirm the job and agree to the cost. Otherwise, click Cancel if you no longer wish to print the job.

Client Popup Confirmation Window

Figure H.1. Client Popup Confirmation Window

Note: Large documents might take a while to display the number of pages and cost.

The Printing Balance Window

After logging on to a workstation you will see a window showing your printing balance.

Printing balance window showing $10.00 of printing balance

Figure H.2. Printing balance window showing $10.00 of printing balance

If the balance window is not visible (or if you have closed or minimized it) click the icon in your system tray to show it again.

Printing balance icon in the system tray

Figure H.3. Printing balance icon in the system tray

When you confirm a print job by pressing Print in the popup dialog the cost will be deducted from your printing balance.

Resolving Problems

If the popup window does not appear or the icon is missing from your system tray, the print control system may not be active and printing will be denied. Please try restarting your system, or ask for assistance if problems continue.

Printing Denied Message

If you do not have enough printing balance for a job you will see a Printing Denied message, and your document will not be printed.

Printing denied message

Figure H.4. Printing denied message

Adding credit using a TopUp/Pre-Paid Card

Without sufficient printing credit in your account printing will be denied. To add more credit you can buy TopUp/Pre-Paid Cards in the KATE Office AL226. Each card is a voucher or coupon with a unique number. Please make sure your card number is kept secret until use.

To add credit to your account using a card:

  • Log in to a computer. Soon after login, your printing balance window will appear.

  • Click the Details ... link on the balance window.

    Balance window showing the Details link

    Figure H.5. Balance window showing the Details link

  • A web page will open requesting your network username and password.

  • After logging in click the Redeem Card link from the left menu.

  • Enter the number from the card. It should be entered exactly as shown on the card including any dashes (-).

    Redeem Card page

    Figure H.6. Redeem Card page

  • Click Redeem Card. The value of the card will immediately be added to your printing balance.

  • Click Summary from the left menu and check your balance to confirm the card's value has been added to your account.

Note: The card is valid for a single usage only. The card should be recycled or disposed of after use.

Printing from a wireless network or laptop (Web Print)

The Web Print system allows students to print to college printers from their own laptops without the need to install drivers. It works by offering a facility to upload documents in PDF format using a standard web browser. You access Web Print from the print system's User Web Tools.

The system can print documents from the following applications:

ApplicationFile Format(s)

Adobe Reader 9


Microsoft Office Excel

Save As PDF

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Save As PDF

Microsoft Office Word

Save As PDF

Table H.1. Web Print Supported Applications and File Formats

Free PDF printers are available for download from several websites such as PDF Creator. Printing from any application using the normal print function will produce a PDF document that can be uploaded using this system.

Printing using PDF Creator

Figure H.16. Printing using PDF Creator

To print a document:

  1. Open your browser to and log in using your network username and password. Select the Web Print link in the navigation menu.
    Web Print link

    Figure H.17. Web Print link

  2. The front page contains a list of your active and recently submitted Web Print jobs. At first the list will be blank. Later the list will show the status of submitted jobs.

    Web Print front page showing active jobs

    Figure H.18. Web Print front page showing active jobs

    You may see a message at the top of the Active Jobs page with other information that you may need to know to use Web Print.

    Instructions for using the system

    Figure H.19. Instructions for using the system

  3. Click Submit a Job to start the Web Print wizard.

  4. The first step of the Web Print wizard is selecting a printer where your job will be printed.

    Choosing the printer

    Figure H.20. Choosing the printer

  5. Select the number of copies to print.

    Enter the number of copies

    Figure H.21. Enter the number of copies

  6. After selecting the print options and/or account selection settings, the third and final step in the Web Print wizard is to upload a document to print. This page lists the applications and associated file extensions that are supported. Once a document has been selected and Upload & Complete is pressed the file will begin uploading to the server.

    Upload a document

    Figure H.22. Upload a document

  7. Once the document upload is complete you will be returned to the front Web Print page. The table now displays the status of your job. Jobs may be queued during times of high load. The status will change to indicate the progress of the job from rendering to printing, and job details such as cost and number of pages will be populated when known. You may stay at this page to track the status of the job or navigate away or close the browser. The job will not be affected.

    Note: If the printer selected in step 4 has print release enabled, your job will be held until you release it by logging into the release station.