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Alexander Hall and Carr Hall Classrooms

Video: Building Adjusments for the Fall Semester

Classrooms in Alexander Hall and Carr Hall have been reset to accommodate social distancing and equipped to support synchronous ‘Zooming’ to remote students. To meet social distancing requirements, the maximum capacity of these rooms is reduced significantly. In several cases, the maximum capacity was less than half of the enrollment for classes previously assigned to the classroom.

Please check with your department to confirm your revised classroom assignments. Rooms were reassigned to ensure that half of the enrollment (as of 7/14/2020) will fit into the room while still maintaining appropriate social distance. Below are some basic guidelines for the classrooms:

  1. Furniture is arranged to maintain six feet of social distance and should not be rearranged.

  2. Each room will have wipes available. Students are responsible for wiping down their desk before use and disposing of the wipe. (Note: This is the standard procedure used across campus.)

  3. Similarly, instructors are asked to do the same for the podium and any other high-touch surfaces in that area.

  4. Classrooms will be unlocked in the morning and remain unlocked through the day so that students may enter early (when possible) to get situated and not congregate in the hallways. Instructors may lock the door during class but should unlock the classroom when they leave. We recognize this is exactly the opposite of the normal expectation, but we are trying to give students the opportunity to keep moving.

  5. A schedule of training will be provided for the cameras in the rooms.

This provides you with the opportunity to plan for either Hyflex or some type of hybrid instructional model as presented by the Faculty Development Center. If you have not yet, please take advantage of training opportunities they provide.