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Lesson Plan and Unit Plan Templates

Instructions: To retrieve a blank copy of these COEHS EPP Templates click on the links below. Please note that there are 2 versions for each file, Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Microsoft Word

Click the link for the Microsoft Word version of the template you need. Then click the download arrow ( ⬇ ) in the top right corner of the screen to save a blank copy of the template. (Take note of where your computer saves this file.) Find the copy of the template saved on your computer to open the document and edit using Microsoft Word.

Google Docs

Make sure you are logged into your Murray State Google account. Then click the link for the Google Doc template. Google will automatically ask if you want to copy the document. Click the "Make a copy" button to save a blank copy of the template in your Google Drive. (Note: The file will located in your My Drive folder.)

Student Teaching Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) and Evaluations

Embedded Signature Assessments (ESAs)

Practicum Evaluations