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Shared Governance

The College of Education and Human Services endorses the concept of shared authority and responsibility in the governance of the college. COEHS is comprised of many persons with diverse knowledge and skills. Each member of the college can make a special contribution to its vigor and progress. Shared authority and shared responsibility tap these resources for the good of the college.

COEHS Opening Convocation

COEHS and University Committees

Please submit all meeting minutes by email to Kjirsten Whitsell (kwhitsell@murraystate.edu).


Administrative Cabinet


Transition Committee

Core Committee

College Standing Committees


College Promotion and Leave Committee



College Tenure Committee

Appeal and Grievance Committee

College Curriculum Committee

Graduate Studies Committee

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Collegiate Student Awards Committee

Collegiate Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Awards Committee

Curriculum Materials Center Committee

College Technology Committee

Policy and Review Committee

Admission to Teacher Education

Collegiate Advisory Committees


Collegiate Research Committee



Collegiate Strategic Planning Committee

Diversity Committee

Library Liaison

Recruitment and Retention

Student Advisory Council

Superintendent Advisory Council

COEHS Departments

University Committees


Faculty Senate


Academic Council

University Standing Committees


Committee for Institutional Studies and Research (CISR)


2014-16 Samir Patel Mi-Hwa Park

Faculty and Staff Insurance and Benefits Committee

2014-15 Ajay Das

2015-16 Randy Wilson

University Appeals Board

2015-16 Echo Wu

University Assessment Committee

2014-16 Jackie Hansen David Allen

University Distinguished Service Committee

2015-16 Jamie Mahoney

2016-17 Jamie Mahoney

University Judicial Board

2014-15 Greg Gierhart

2015-16 Ben Littlepage

University Promotion and Leave Committee

2014-16 Marty Dunham

University Studies Committee

2014-16 Sharon Hart Mi-Hwa Park

University Tenure Committee

2014-16 Renee Campoy

University Advisory Committees


Campus Safety Committee


2015-16 Paul Lucko

Commencement Committee

2014-16 Paul Lucko

Council for Faculty Development

2014-15 Lynn Patterson

2015-16 Cory Brown Jennifer Earls

Honors Program Committee

2014-16 Meagan Musselman

International Studies Advisory Committee

2014-15 Kala Chakradhar

2015-16 Kristin Douglas

Research Policy Committee

2014-15 Rebecca Pender

2015-16 Rebecca Pender Baum

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities Advisory Board

2014-15 Meagan Musselman Karen Coulter

2015-16 Kimberly Stormer Karen Coulter

Information Technology Advisory Committee

2014-15 Dusty Reed

2015-16 Dusty Reed Jennifer Earls

MSU Institutional Review Board

2014-16 Marty Dunham

Residency Appeals Committee

2014-16 Marty Jacobs

Intercollegiate Athletic Committee

2014-16 Alison Epperson

University Committee on Naming

University Admission Appeals Committee

University Service Learning Advisory Committee/Council

2015-16 Echo Wu

University Study Abroad Ambassadors

2015-16 Alison Epperson